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Solar Panel

Power   (100W – 700W)

The polycrystalline solar panel of Keco Energy is assembled in a
robust frame in anodized aluminum, compatible with a large
diversity of mounting structure.

A polycrystalline solar panel consists several crystals, the
photovoltaic cell is bluish non-homogeneous appearance where one
distinguishes the patterns created by the different crystals.

This solar panel is composed of coupled cells in series and delivers
a voltage of 24V.
It is recommended to install polycrystalline panels, for their performance / price.


Solar Panel 290W-24V Polycristallin – Keco Energy
Weight : 24 kg
Height : 1956 mm
Width : 992 mm
Thickness : 45 mm
72 cells coupled in series
Vacuum voltage Uoc : 44,10 V

Short-circuit current I sc : 8,56 A


Efficient Panels

Over time, all solar panels degrade and lose in effectiveness. Our panels are designed to last, which is why we offer the most durable warranties in the industry spanning more than 20 years. You want your investment to generate clean energy in the long run.


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