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Self-contained solar kit 1800W - 230V Monocristallin

This self-contained solar kit of 1800W, consisting of six panels 300W Keco Energy Monocrystalline, is able to produce enough energy to power all the devices in your House.

This autonomous solar kit, the most powerful of our range, is equipped of a 3000VA voltage converter and gives you a total freedom to

 your feeding device.


6 Solar Panels 300W monocristallin – Keco Energy (1956 x 992 x 45 mm)
1 MPPT charge controller 150/35 – Keco Energy
4 GEL batteries 12V/ 165Ah ou 220Ah (next option) – Keco Energy
1x Battery Controller BMV-700 Keco Energy
1 Voltage Converter 48V/3000VA – Keco Energy
1 10 m Coil of Solar Cable of 6 mm²
3 MC4 Pairs of Connectors
4 M8 Flat Lugs
3 Inter-Battery Cables of 0.4 m – section 35 mm² – HO7VK
2 Flexible 1.5m Electrical Cables – 35 mm² Section – HO7VK


The alliance with the sun

Keco energy is concerned about your home, especially when it comes to solar energy.
Our all-season solar panels are efficient, ecological and reliable … even on cloudy days.


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