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The charge controller BlueSolar MPPT 150/100-MC4 accepts a charging current of 100A and PV voltage up to 150V. It adapts automatically at a nominal battery voltage of 12,24,36 and 48 V

Under shady conditions one or more power points maximum can be present on the voltage-power curve. This process is made accessible through MPPT technology BlueSolar that allows maximum productivity at all times.

Depending on the configuration of your batteries, the solar controller can accept different power of solar panel: 1450W of solar panels for 12V mounting, 2900W for a 24V mounting and up to 5800W of solar panels for a 48-volt installation (the series installation of 4 batteries 12v).


In order to specifically adapt the charging mode of your batteries following your installation several algorithms are preprogrammed and a fully programmable algorithm is also available.

By completing your solar installation with a Multi or Quattro you will get a self-consumption system that will interact with the network or a self-storage facility for Standalone installations (Hub-1 configuration). A programmable auxiliary relay is also available, it can be configured to allow the start of a generator or an alarm.

The MPPT 150/100 charge controller

– Protection against overheating and reduction of power supply in case high temperature,
– Protection against reverse polarity PV and short-circuits PV,
– Protection against PV current reversal.

Maximum power in 12V : 1450W
Maximum power in 24V : 2900W
Maximum power in 48V : 5800W
Maximum battery current : 100A


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